Mahalaxmi Interior started operation with the vision of manufacturing and exporting quality Wooden Furniture and Aluminium Products. We adhere to the principal of "Quality without Compromise". We are consistently motivated in advocating the spirit of innovation and trust in our quality.

With our endless stream of customers, it is our responsibility to ensure that all our customers needs are met by ensuring that each piece of creation is made with precision to meet every design. We also custom design furniture to suit individual requirements. This means, we change the scale and density of standard products, to make them suitable for specific requirement.

Our mission is to deliver high-taste, high-quality products that will make all our customers happy and proud that will stand the test of time.


The craftspeople, woodworkers, artisans and technicians make our team. They support our customers throughout the operational life of spaces and products we create. They work in close coordination, helping and empowering each other to excel each time and every time.

We have established a strict internal code of conduct applicable to team members. This code establishes clear principles regarding confidentiality, competition, human rights, conflicts of interests, respect for the environment and social responsibility.